How do I get a Company Desktop ID and Password?
The Kansas Insurance Department has issued each admitted company an administrative user ID and password. Companies are required to assign this ID to a company administrator, who can set up and assign additional user IDs to other company users with rights to perform specific tasks.
To request an ID, first find your company administrator:
Company Administrator Search
NAIC No. :
Please discuss with your company administrator the type of tasks you will be performing on Company Desktop so they can determine which rights to assign to your ID. To add rights to an existing ID, also please contact your Company Administrator.
If your company administrator is not set up or the person assigned is no longer with your company, please email a letter signed by an appropriate company official, on company letterhead, indicating the name, phone and email address of the person that your company wants to be the new company administrator. We will email that person the user ID and password.
For other questions, email kdoi.codesktop@ks.gov.