URO renewal with URAC accredited certificate

Pursuant to K.S.A. 40-22a06, please submit the following to Rate and Form Compliance division:

  • Your organization’s current URAC accreditation certificate
  • Notification of any change in officers
  • Notification of contact person information
  • Notification of address change information

Please be advised, if at any time your URAC certificate is suspended, non-renewed, surrendered or revoked, this department must be notified immediately.

If your URAC certification is in pending status, under review or in applicant status, it is necessary for you to upload a letter directly from URAC advising this department of such current status.

URO renewal with Kansas issued standard certification

In accordance with KSA 40-22a04, an entity registered as a utilization review organization (URO) in this state must annually submit to the Commissioner of Insurance a $50.00 continuation fee in order for its certificate to remain effective. Failure to pay this fee could result in the revocation of the Utilization Review Organization Certificate by the Commissioner of Insurance.

Submit renewal payment here

Please submit the following documents, if applicable, to Barbara Torkelson:

  • Any/all changes within the prior year to your organization’s Policy and Procedure documents and/or support material pursuit to K.A.R 40-4-41. Each document must be submitted separately and must clearly identify which CORE or HUM standard is being revised and highlight the change(s).
  • Notification of any change in officers (please submit an updated organizational chart)
  • Notification of contact person and phone information
  • Notification of change in address, phone number, and e-mail address
  • Notification of any additions or deletions to review site locations
  • Any other material changes to your organization of policy and procedures documents.

If you have any questions regarding this online renewal process, please contact Barbara Torkelson directly at 785-296-7854 or barbara.torkelson@ks.gov