Medicare Supplement Insurance Shopper's Guide

This is a free tool provided by the Kansas Insurance Department. It is used to find the estimated premium rates for your Medicare supplement plans. It will show you the current estimated premiums and other relevant plan information.

Follow These Simple Instructions: Complete the following information and click "Submit." You will then receive a list of estimated yearly premiums customized to your demographic information. You may click on the company name to receive other important aspects of the policy.

(The main difference between Medicare Select and standard Medicare supplement policies is that each Medicare Select policy has specific hospitals, and in some cases doctors, that you must use in order to be eligible for full benefits.)


Gender: Male | Female

Zip Code:

Use Tobacco: No | Yes

Plan:   *Note: Plans C and F only available to those eligible for Medicare before 01/01/2020.

This shopper's guide does not recommend or endorse any insurance company or policy. It is designed to help you comparison shop for coverage to supplement your Medicare benefits.