Kansas Firefighter Relief Act -
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain information concerning the Relief Act?

What benefits does the Firefighter Relief Act Provide?

Who may participate in the Fund?

How do you determine who is a member of the FRA and eligible for coverage under the Relief Act?

When is a firefighter covered under the Relief Act?

How is a Firefighter Relief Association Formed?

What are Permissible Investments of a Firefighter Relief Association?

What are Authorized Expenditures of Relief Act Funds?

How do FRAs provide firefighters with insurance "on duty" and/or 24 hour coverage?

What criteria must FFs meet to receive any cash value on their insurance policies when they terminate?

When is it necessary to obtain an Attorney's Letter of Certification for disbursements or expenditures?

What are the reporting requirements for FRAs?

Does the Kansas Open Records and Open Meetings Acts apply to an FRA?

How does an FRA redetermine?

How do fire districts consolidate?

How do FRAs merge?

Can FRAs merge so that a single FRA covers more than one fire department?

Can two departments, each having its own FRA, share facilities?

How does an FRA dissolve?

Can associations compensate the treasurer of the association?

How does an FRA determine if an activity, decision or expenditure is in compliance with the Relief Act?

What should the FRA do in a line of duty death?