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2004 Bulletins
Dec. 10 Bulletin 2004-10
RE: Implementation of the Kansas Insurance Score Act, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 40-5101, et seq. & K.A.R. 40-1-50
SUMMARY: The Kansas Insurance Department has received information which indicates the need to assist in the understanding and implementation of the Kansas Insurance Score Act (Act), K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 40-5101, et seq. The bulletin will provide this assistance.
Dec. 6 Bulletin 2004-11
RE: Administrator for the Kansas Uninsurable Health Insurance Plan
SUMMARY: The Kansas Health Insurance Association administers the Kansas Uninsurable Health Insurance Plan pursuant to the provisions of K.S.A. 40-2117 et seq.
Nov. 1 Bulletin 2004-9
RE: Controlled Business Arrangement Disclosure
SUMMARY: L. 2004, ch. 69, sec. 14(f) prohibits title insurers and title agents from accepting any order for, issue a title insurance policy to, or provide services to, an applicant if it knows or has reason to believe that the applicant was referred to it by any
Nov. 1 Bulletin 2004-8
RE: Valuation and Salvage Motor Vehicle Requirements - Documentation of Claim Files
SUMMARY: Attached is a Kansas Department of Revenue - Division of Motor Vehicles - Titles and Registration Bureau Memorandum from Title Manager Ray Wilk dated June 23, 2004 which, among other statutory provisions, set forth amended definitions of
Nov. 1 Bulletin 2004-7
RE: Summary of 2004 Legislation Affecting Kansas Property and Casualty Insurance Companies
SUMMARY: Please refer to our bulletin 1985-14 that was mailed on June 17, 1985. On page one of such bulletin, we made the following comments regarding K.S.A. 8-1606(a):
Jul. 28 Bulletin 2004-6
RE: Electronic Verification of Insurance
SUMMARY: House Bill 2545. This bill amends K.S.A. 8-173 in which proof of insurance may be verified electronically or online.
Jul. 16 Bulletin 2004-5
RE: Class Action Law Suit Notification
SUMMARY: This bulletin updates the statutory reference in our bulletin 1997-3 that was mailed on March 25, 1997. All remaining contents of the previous bulletin remain the same.
Jun. 12 Bulletin 2004-4
RE: Reinstatement of Automobile Insurance Coverage for Returning Armed Forces
SUMMARY: The Kansas Insurance Department has received information indicating some automobile insurance companies are denying reinstatement, refusing to write, or raising premium rates for members of the Armed Forces who are returning from active service.
Apr. 12 Bulletin 2004-3
RE: Lien holder payments
SUMMARY: Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger has issued a bulletin regarding inclusion a lien holder as a payee on payment for damage sustained to the property that is the subject of a lien.
Mar. 7 Bulletin 2004-2
RE: Kansas alternative Mediation Program-K.A.M.P.
SUMMARY: The purpose of this bulletin is to advise all companies authorized to write Fire & Casualty Insurance business in the State of Kansas that the Kansas Insurance Commissioner is offering an alternative dispute resolution program,