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2020 Bulletins
Mar. 17 Bulletin 2020-1
SUMMARY: The purpose of this Bulletin is to inform of the measures taken by the Kansas Insurance Department.
2018 Bulletins
Aug. 8 Bulletin 2018-2
RE: Coverage for mammography
SUMMARY: The purpose of this Bulletin is to direct insurers to the requirements set forth in K.S.A. 40-2230.
May 25 Bulletin 2018-1
RE: House Substitute for Senate Bill 109, Legislative Sweep of $8 million dollars
SUMMARY: The purpose of this Bulletin is to provide notice, pursuant to K.S.A. 75-3036 (b), to all persons and entities that have paid money to the Kansas Insurance Department Service Regulation Fund in the past 24 months, of the pending sweep of $8 million dollars from the Fund to the State General Fund.
2017 Bulletins
Apr. 21 Bulletin 2017-2
RE: 2017 Kansas Senate Bill 22 - Revision of Third Party Administrators Statutes K.S.A. 40-3801 et seq.
SUMMARY: The purpose of this Bulletin is to call your attention to the requirements in 2017 Senate Bill 22, which was effective upon publication in the March 9, 2017 issue of the Kansas Register.
Mar. 9 Bulletin 2017-1
RE: 2014 House Bill No. 2668 (Ch. 109 of the 2014 Session Laws)
SUMMARY: The purpose of this bulletin is to call your attention to the requirements found in 2014 House Bill No. 2668 which is effective July 1, 2017.
2016 Bulletins
Sep. 13 Bulletin 2016-1
RE: Waiver of Subrogation in Construction Contracts
SUMMARY: This bulletin calls your attention to the requirements found in the Kansas Fairness in Private Construction Contract Act. (K.S.A. 16-1801 through K.S.A. 16-1807).
2015 Bulletins
Dec. 15 Bulletin 2015-4
RE: Temporary Life Insurance
SUMMARY: The Kansas Insurance Department recently conducted a survey of companies writing individual life insurance policies in Kansas and found that insurers have not uniformly provided consumers with temporary insurance as required by K.S.A. 40-451.
Jul. 1 Bulletin 2015-3
RE: External Review of Adverse Health Decisions per K.S.A. 40-22a13 et seq.
SUMMARY: This bulletin is to inform health insurers subject to external review of adverse health decisions, of the intent of KID to begin billing plans for the cost of those reviews for new cases initiated on or after July 1, 2015.
Jun. 8 Bulletin 2015-2
RE: 2014 House Bill No. 2668 (Ch. 109 of the 2014 Session Laws)
SUMMARY: The purpose of this bulletin is to call your attention to the requirements found in 2014 House Bill No. 2668 and to assist you as you work toward compliance with this House Bill.
Jun. 8 Bulletin 2015-1
RE: K.S.A. 8-197 and 8-198 - Application of Kansas salvage vehicle title laws to motor vehicle damage claims
SUMMARY: This bulletin is issued to update and clarify appropriate industry conduct when Bulletin 2004-8 is withdrawn. Effective immediately, Bulletin 2004-8 is withdrawn and replaced with Bulletin 2015-1.
2014 Bulletins
Nov. 14 Bulletin 2014-4
RE: Professional Liability Coverage for Defined Health Care Providers Practicing in Kansas
SUMMARY: 2014 House Bill 2516 (Ch.56,2014 Session Laws) amended the definition of "health care provider" to include physician assistants, nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, residential health care facilities and certain advanced practice registered nurses (certified in the role of nurse midwife) as of January 1, 2015.
Oct. 14 Bulletin 2014-3
RE: Kansas Insurance Loss Report Form
SUMMARY: We have been advised by the Kansas Fire Marshall's Office that insurance companies are not reporting fire losses to their agency as required by K.S.A. 40-2,110, K.A.R. 22-5-3 and 22-5-4.
Jul. 8 Bulletin 2014-2
RE: Association Health Plans
SUMMARY: The Department expects health insurers and third party administrators to take appropriate steps to ensure compliance with the reporting procedures prescribed in this Bulletin and to provide the information necessary to assist the Department in complying with the provisions of K.S.A. 40-2222.
May 22 Bulletin 2014-1
RE: Life Insurance and Annuity Advertisting by Independent Marketing Organizations
SUMMARY: In February 2012, the Kansas Insurance Department issued Bulletin 2012-1 reminding life and health insurers of their responsibility for advertisements produced and distributed by third-party marketing entities.
2013 Bulletins
Nov. 20 Bulletin 2013-1
RE: K.A.R. 40-1-34 - Compensation for Sales Taxes and Fees in Motor vehicle Total Loss Settlements
SUMMARY: The Kansas Insurance Department has recently received complaints from motor vehicle owners that companies are refusing to compensate for sales taxes and fees in settlements for total loss of motor vehicles.
2012 Bulletins
Dec. 13 Bulletin 2012-4
RE: Medicare Supplement Modernization and Closed Block of Business
SUMMARY: The Medicare Modernization Act took effect in June 2010 and replaced existing Medicare Supplement Plans with new Medicare Supplement Plans.
Sep. 11 Bulletin 2012-3
RE: Maximum Statutory Interest Rates for 2013 Life Insurance Issues
SUMMARY: The following outlines the Department's requirements for the continued use of existing policy forms that must be modified due to the decrease in the maximum valuation interest rates for 2013 life insurance Issues.
Mar. 26 Bulletin 2012-2
RE: Kansas Alternative Mediation Program (K.A.M.P.) – Renewal of Mediation
SUMMARY: This Bulletin provides notification that the Kansas Insurance Department’s Kansas Alternative Mediation Program (K.A.M.P.) has been renewed.
Feb. 24 Bulletin 2012-1
RE: Reissuance of Bulletin 1991-4; Life and Accident and Health Insurance Advertising by Third-Party Marketing Entities
SUMMARY: Due to a growing problem with advertising practices by third-party marketing entities, this is a reissue of the January 1991 Bulletin 1991-4.
2011 Bulletins
Mar. 23 Bulletin 2011-1
RE: Rescission of Bulletin 2003-5; Kansas Continuation Law
SUMMARY: Effective immediately Bulletin 2003-5 is rescinded. In pertinent part, Kansas Continuation Law has been changed and Bulletin 2003-5 misstates the current, effective law.
2010 Bulletins
Dec. 3 Bulletin 2010-3
RE: Administrator for the Kansas Uninsurable Health Insurance Plan
SUMMARY: The Board of Directors of the Kansas Health Insurance Association is preparing to begin the selection process for a third party administrator to administer the KHIA Plan for a two-year period beginning January 1, 2012.
Aug. 30 Bulletin 2010-2
RE: K.S.A. 40-955(b) and Certificates of Insurance
SUMMARY: Insurance agents may not issue certificates of insurance that are not filed and approved by the Insurance Department or which violate K.S.A. 40-955(b).
Jul. 9 Bulletin 2010-1
RE: Rate and Form Filing Trade Secret Confidentiality
SUMMARY: On July 1, 2010, the Attorney General issued an opinion holding that the law does not allow the Insurance Department to grant protection on trade secrets filed in support of rate and form filings made pursuant to K.S.A. 40-955.
2009 Bulletins
Dec. 21 Bulletin 2009-1
RE: Flex-Rating Act K.S.A. 40-970 through 40-975
SUMMARY: The flex-rating statutes (K.S.A. 40-970 through 40-975) have been in effect since July 1, 2008. We have been seeing problems with the implementation of filings under these statutes that we wish to address with this Bulletin.
2008 Bulletins
Aug. 25 Bulletin 2008-2
RE: K.S.A. 40-2,121 and an Agent's Responsibility and Authority to Request Renewal
SUMMARY: An agent's responsibility and authority to request renewals of property and casualty insurance policies and responsibility of insurance companies to renew policies where notice of non-renewal was not provided in accordance with K.S.A. 40-2,121
Jun. 19 Bulletin 2008-1
RE: K.A.R. 40-3-30 - Assigned Risk Plans
SUMMARY: This Bulletin is to remind you of your obligations under the K.A.R. 40-3-30. This regulation requires insurers to inform their licensed agents of the availability of Kansas assigned risk plans.
2007 Bulletins
Dec. 27 Bulletin 2007-10
RE: Withdrawal of Bulletin 2001-5; Requirements of Trust Agreements and Letters of Credit referred to in K.S.A. 40-221a.
SUMMARY: On April 19, 2002, this Department adopted K.A.R. 40-1-43, which incorporated the requirements that were set forth in Bulletin 2001-5. Accordingly, Bulletin 2001-5 is duplicative of K.A.R. 40-1-47 and is no longer needed.
Nov. 30 Bulletin 2007-9
RE: Paperless Filing System / Closure of Our File Room
SUMMARY: Beginning December 10, 2007, the Property and Casualty Division will move to a paperless filing system in which all filings will be stored in SERFF. This Bulletin does not amend or alter Bulletin 2007-6.
Nov. 30 Bulletin 2007-8
RE: Administrator for the Kansas Uninsurable Health Insurance Plan
SUMMARY: The Board of Directors of the Kansas Health Insurance Association is preparing to begin the selection process for a third party administrator to administer the KHIA program for a three-year period beginning January 1, 2009.
Oct. 12 Bulletin 2007-7
RE: Establishment of the Long-Term Care Partnership Program
SUMMARY: This bulletin provides guidance about the Kansas Long-Term Care Partnership Program.
Jul. 23 Bulletin 2007-6
RE: Mandatory SERFF Filings
SUMMARY: Effective January 1, 2009, the Kansas Insurance Department will no longer accept paper filings.
Jul. 23 Bulletin 2007-5
RE: Senate Bill 35
SUMMARY: This Bulletin is being issued to inform companies of the captioned bill that was introduced during the 2007 legislative session and became law on July 1, 2007.
Jun. 20 Bulletin 2007-4
RE: Provision of Life and Annuities Electronically and NAVA Straight-Through Processing (STP) Standards
SUMMARY: This Bulletin is being issued to provide guidance to companies that wish to process new life and annuity business electronically.
Mar. 22 Bulletin 2007-3
RE: Kansas Alternative Mediation Program (K.A.M.P.) - Renewal of Mediation Services
SUMMARY: This is to advise that our Kansas Alternative Mediation Program (K.A.M.P.) has been renewed for an additional five (5) calendar years.
Mar. 15 Bulletin 2007-2
RE: Withdrawal of Bulletin 1999-2; adoption of the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare's (CAQH) National Universal Credentialing Application
SUMMARY: The CAQH online credentialing application has been designated by Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger as the Kansas Standardized Credentialing Application, effective June 1, 2007.
Mar. 14 Bulletin 2007-1
RE: Revocation of K.A.R. 40-1-51 and the Adoption of the Most Recent Securities Valuation Office Manual
SUMMARY: This Department is in the process of revoking K.A.R. 40-1-51, which adopts the Purposes and Procedures Manual of the NAIC Securities Valuation Office ("SVO Manual"), inasmuch as the Commissioner has authority to adopt this manual without adopting a rule.
2006 Bulletins
Sep. 1 Bulletin 2006-7
RE: Senate Bill 539
SUMMARY: Senate Bill 539 was enacted by the 2006 Kansas Legislature. This Senate Bill became effective July 1, 2006. The Department has received inquiries regarding SB 539. The purpose of this bulletin is to clarify and respond to those inquiries.
Aug. 23 Bulletin 2006-6
RE: FEMA Flood Insurance Training Requirements for Insurance Producers Selling Though the NFIP and Recommendations Regarding the Sale of Flood Insurance
SUMMARY: Revised - 12/1/06 - The purpose of this Bulletin is to advise insurers and Kansas resident insurance producers of training requirements for selling flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program ("NFIP")...
Aug. 1 Bulletin 2006-5
RE: Rescission of Bulletin 1998-11; Written Notice to Claimants of Payment of Claims in Third Party Settlements
SUMMARY: Effective immediately Bulletin 1998-11 is rescinded. In pertinent part, Bulletin 1998-11 required companies to provide written notice to a claimant upon the payment of $5,000 or more in settlement of any third party liability claim.
Jul. 17 Bulletin 2006-4
RE: Workers Compensation Fund Survey
SUMMARY: I have been directed by the 2006 Kansas Legislature, as part of newly enacted House Bill 2560, to file an annual report with the Legislature that includes:
Jun. 30 Bulletin 2006-3
RE: New Examination Vendor
SUMMARY: On November 1, 2005, as a result of the state bid process through the Division of Purchases, the Kansas Insurance Department contracted with Thomson Prometric, a national examination vendor, to administer agent examinations.
Jun. 30 Bulletin 2006-2
RE: Anti-Fraud Reporting System
SUMMARY: K.S.A. 2005 Supp. 40-2,118 has been amended by Senate Bill No. 207, effective July 1, 2006. SB 207 states, "An insurer that has knowledge or good faith belief that a fraudulent insurance act is being or has been committed shall provide...
Mar. 17 Bulletin 2006-1
RE: Service of Process in Federal Court Actions under K.S.A. 40-218
SUMMARY: On March 16, 2006, we were contacted by a company which informed us that the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri was insisting that when it issues summons for actions against insurance companies, the court will follow the
2005 Bulletins
Nov. 29 Bulletin 2005-4
RE: Life Insurance and Annuities Suitability Regulations, K.A.R. 40-2-14a and 40-2-14b
SUMMARY: On May 27, 2005, this Department issued Bulletin Number 2005-2 in regards to K.A.R. 40-2-14a and 40-2-14b, which became effective on May 20, 2005.
Jun. 16 Bulletin 2005-3
RE: Life Insurance and Annuities Suitability Regulations, K.A.R. 40-2-14a and 40-2-14b
SUMMARY: On May 27, 2005, this Department issued a bulletin in regards to K.A.R. 40-2-14a and 40-2-14b, which became effective on May 20, 2005.
May 27 Bulletin 2005-2
RE: Life Insurance and Annuities Suitability Regulations, K.A.R. 40-2-14a and 40-2-14b
SUMMARY: On May 20, 2005, K.A.R. 40-2-14a and 40-2-14b became effective. These regulations govern standards for recommending annuities and supervision standards for insurers. These regulations are not based on the NAIC model regulation.
Apr. 1 Bulletin 2005-1
RE: Implementation of the Kansas Insurance Score Act K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 40-5101, et seq. & K.A.R. 40-1-50
SUMMARY: Please refer to our bulletin 2004-10 that was issued on December 10, 2004. That bulletin was issued to provide assistance by answering the questions most often received by the Department concerning the Kansas Insurance Score Act.
2004 Bulletins
Dec. 10 Bulletin 2004-10
RE: Implementation of the Kansas Insurance Score Act, K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 40-5101, et seq. & K.A.R. 40-1-50
SUMMARY: The Kansas Insurance Department has received information which indicates the need to assist in the understanding and implementation of the Kansas Insurance Score Act (Act), K.S.A. 2003 Supp. 40-5101, et seq. The bulletin will provide this assistance.
Dec. 6 Bulletin 2004-11
RE: Administrator for the Kansas Uninsurable Health Insurance Plan
SUMMARY: The Kansas Health Insurance Association administers the Kansas Uninsurable Health Insurance Plan pursuant to the provisions of K.S.A. 40-2117 et seq.
Nov. 1 Bulletin 2004-9
RE: Controlled Business Arrangement Disclosure
SUMMARY: L. 2004, ch. 69, sec. 14(f) prohibits title insurers and title agents from accepting any order for, issue a title insurance policy to, or provide services to, an applicant if it knows or has reason to believe that the applicant was referred to it by any
Nov. 1 Bulletin 2004-8
RE: Valuation and Salvage Motor Vehicle Requirements - Documentation of Claim Files
SUMMARY: Attached is a Kansas Department of Revenue - Division of Motor Vehicles - Titles and Registration Bureau Memorandum from Title Manager Ray Wilk dated June 23, 2004 which, among other statutory provisions, set forth amended definitions of
Nov. 1 Bulletin 2004-7
RE: Summary of 2004 Legislation Affecting Kansas Property and Casualty Insurance Companies
SUMMARY: Please refer to our bulletin 1985-14 that was mailed on June 17, 1985. On page one of such bulletin, we made the following comments regarding K.S.A. 8-1606(a):
Jul. 28 Bulletin 2004-6
RE: Electronic Verification of Insurance
SUMMARY: House Bill 2545. This bill amends K.S.A. 8-173 in which proof of insurance may be verified electronically or online.
Jul. 16 Bulletin 2004-5
RE: Class Action Law Suit Notification
SUMMARY: This bulletin updates the statutory reference in our bulletin 1997-3 that was mailed on March 25, 1997. All remaining contents of the previous bulletin remain the same.
Jun. 12 Bulletin 2004-4
RE: Reinstatement of Automobile Insurance Coverage for Returning Armed Forces
SUMMARY: The Kansas Insurance Department has received information indicating some automobile insurance companies are denying reinstatement, refusing to write, or raising premium rates for members of the Armed Forces who are returning from active service.
Apr. 12 Bulletin 2004-3
RE: Lien holder payments
SUMMARY: Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger has issued a bulletin regarding inclusion a lien holder as a payee on payment for damage sustained to the property that is the subject of a lien.
Mar. 7 Bulletin 2004-2
RE: Kansas alternative Mediation Program-K.A.M.P.
SUMMARY: The purpose of this bulletin is to advise all companies authorized to write Fire & Casualty Insurance business in the State of Kansas that the Kansas Insurance Commissioner is offering an alternative dispute resolution program,
2003 Bulletins
Aug. 7 Bulletin 2003-4
RE: In-Patient Maternity/Newborn Care
SUMMARY: In 1996 the Kansas Legislature passed a law that established minimum coverage for in-patient post-maternity care. K.S.A. 40-2,160 went into effect April 11, 1996 and requires coverage for at least 48 hours of in-patient care following vaginal delivery and
Aug. 7 Bulletin 2003-05
RE: Kansas Continuation Law - BULLETIN RESCINDED BY BULLETIN 2011-1
SUMMARY: From time to time, this office is involved in resolving disputes between insurers and employers or individual consumers concerning the provisions of the Kansas Continuation Law, K.S.A. 40-2209(i). These complaints have become frequent enough to indicate t
May 12 Bulletin 2003-3
RE: Credit Scoring Provisions for Personal Lines
SUMMARY: House Bill 2071 has been signed into law. It will go into effect on January 1, 2004 and will affect companies that use credit information to rate or underwrite insurance for private passenger automobile, homeowners, motorcycle, mobile home owners . . .
Jan. 14 Bulletin 2003-2
RE: Terrorism Risk Insurance Act Of 2002
SUMMARY: Voluntary Expedited Filing Procedures For Compliance With The Provisions Of The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act Of 2002
Jan. 6 Property and Casualty Companies in Kansas
RE: Revisions to K.A.R. 40-1-34
SUMMARY: The purpose of this bulletin is to advise all companies authorized to write Fire and Casualty insurance business in the state of Kansas of amendments to K.A.R. 40-1-34, the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Model Regulation
2002 Bulletins
Aug. 23 Electronic Processing for Motor Vehicle Licensing
RE: Disclosure of Information for the Processing of Motor Vehicle Registrations
SUMMARY: The Kansas Division of Vehicles has created a program for the electronic processing of renewals of motor vehicle registrations. Under the program, the Division creates a data file that contains all vehicles due for renewal. Within the data ...
Jul. 29 BULLETIN 2002-5
RE: Refundable Tax credits For Small Business Health Benefit Plans
SUMMARY: Recent changes to K.S.A. 40-2240. When the small business tax credit legislation was enacted it contained a sunset provision to this tax credit. The legislature amended K.S.A 40-2240 to remove the ending date of the tax credit. Effective May 23, 2002.
Apr. 23 USA Patriot Act, Bulletin 2002-4
RE: Anti-money laundering and Customer Identification Programs under the act
SUMMARY: Calls attention to these sections: Sec. 352 requires all financial institutions to establish an anti-money laundering program, and Sec. 326 that sets minimum standards for financial institutions regarding the identity of customers that open accounts.
Apr. 15 Terrorist Exclusion, Bulletin 2002-3
RE: Exclusions related to acts of terrorism for personal lines property and casualty coverage, life insurance, health insurance, workers compensation.
SUMMARY: The Kansas Insurance Department will be following the National Association of Insurance Commissioners recommendations with regard to approval of exclusions for these lines of coverage. This outlines by line of coverage the approach we will be using.
Mar. 1 Terrorist Exclusion, Bulletin 2002-2
RE: Voluntary Expedited Filing Procedures For Exclusions Related To Acts Of Terrorism
SUMMARY: Advises that Bulletin 2002-1 will not expire on March 1, 2002 but will remain in effect until further notice.
Jan. 23 Terrorist Exclusion, Bulletin 2002-1
RE: Voluntary Expedited Filing Procedures For Exclusions Related To Acts Of Terrorism
SUMMARY: This bulletin outlines how Kansas will be reviewing requests to exclude terrorism on commercial line products.
2001 Bulletins
Nov. 27 Company Identification, Bulletin 2001-6
RE: Company requirement to properly identify itself in complaint inquiry
SUMMARY: Companies responding to complaints from the department are reminded to clearly identify the name and NAIC number of the company against which the complaint is filed.
Oct. 19 Response to the terrorist attacks, Bulletin 2001-4
RE: Executive Order Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions with Persons Who Permit, Threaten . . .
SUMMARY: This bulletin advises all insurers to become familiar with their obligations under President Bush?s executive order of September 24, 2001.
Oct. 18 Trust Agreements, Bulletin 2001-5
RE: Requirements of Trust Agreements and Letters of Credit referred to in K.S.A. 40-221a
SUMMARY: Additional requirements which should be followed when domestic insurers take reserve credit on risks ceded to unauthorized insurers in Kansas through trust agreements or letters of credit.
Jul. 11 Gramm-Leach Bliley Disclosure, Bulletin 2001-03
RE: Voluntary Filing Procedures for Insurance Applications
SUMMARY: The purpose of this bulletin is to provide regulated entities with the appropriate forms and instructions to receive expedited approval for insurance application forms which are revised to comply with the new law.
Jul. 5 P&C Speed to Market Filings; Bulletin 2001-2
RE: Commercial and personal lines filing requirement checklists
SUMMARY: Checklists have been prepared to comply with the Nation Association of Insurance Commissioners Speed to Market initiative and are intended to expedite company filing of new or revised rate or form filings.
Jun. 1 Application for Written Consent, Bulletin 2001-01
RE: Written Consent, Under Title 18, United States Code, ?? 1033 and 1034
SUMMARY: This Bulletin advises all persons engaged in the business of insurance in the state that an Application for Written Consent is required to comply with the Violent Crime Control Act.
2000 Bulletins
Dec. 21 Health Care Prompt Pay - Bulletin 2000-06
RE: Definition of Violation
SUMMARY: This bulletin outlines the guidelines to establish what will be considered a violation of the Kansas Health Care Prompt Payment Act.
Oct. 5 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Privacy Regulations
RE: Regulation Enforcement Date
SUMMARY: The Kansas Legislature made it an unfair trade for a person to disclose any nonpublic personal information to a nonaffiliated third party contrary to the provisions of title V of theGramm-Leach-Bliley act of 1999.
Sep. 18 Bulletin 1994-6 is rescinded
RE: Rescission of Bulletin 1994-6
SUMMARY: Companies may now, at their option, cover limited surface damage on title insurance policies.
Sep. 3 Defective Tire Surcharges
RE: Surcharges for Accidents Caused by Defective Tire
SUMMARY: KS Inusrnace Department requires that insurers authorized to do business in Kansas cease surcharging policies for accidents caused by defective tires.
Apr. 14 Expansion of Territorial Rating
RE: Territorial Rating
SUMMARY: The Kansas Insurance Department has decided to expand the application of "territorial rating" currently used for homeowners insurance in Kansas to also include the following lines of coverage:
Mar. 17 Refundable Tax Credits
RE: Passage of House Bill 2090
SUMMARY: Effective July 1, 1999, small insurances businesses obtaining a certificate to refundable credits may begin claiming the refundable tax credits January 1, 2000.
1999 Bulletins
Aug. 19 Pools Licensed
SUMMARY: Modifications to Commissioner?s Authority to Regulate Group-funded Pools
Jun. 10 Medicare Supplement Regulation
RE: Revisions of Medicare Supplement Regulation K.A.R. 40-4-35
SUMMARY: Revisions reflect changes made in the 1997 Balanced Act and in the NAIC Model on Medicare Supplement Regulation.
Jun. 1 Health Care Organizations
RE: Standardized Credentialing Application for all Kansas licensed Health Care Organizations
SUMMARY: Standard form (SCAF) has been approved on a voluntary basis now; becomes mandatory in 2001.
May 18 Premium relief due to disaster
RE: Nonpayment of premium due to the tornados and storms of May 3, 1999
SUMMARY: Companies will not be allowed to cancel coverages due to non-payment of premium if the insured has suffered extensive losses to home or business. Concessions must be granted to allow continuation of coverage during recovery period.
1998 Bulletins
Dec. 1 Property and Casualty, Y2K
SUMMARY: More Y2K Clarifications regarding Y2K Exclusion Endorsements.
Nov. 10 Accident and Health
SUMMARY: Guarantee Issue Rights for Medicare Supplement Insurance
Nov. 9 Accident and Health
SUMMARY: Bid for Administrator of Kansas Uninsurable Health Plan
Nov. 6 Accident and Health
SUMMARY: Women?s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998.
Oct. 19 Property & Casualty Endorsements
SUMMARY: Filing requirements for Blank or Change Endorsements.
Sep. 23 Year 2000 Exclusion Endorsements
SUMMARY: Rules regarding use of the ISO Year 2000 Coverage Endorsements.
Aug. 21 Liability Claim Notice
SUMMARY: Requires written notice of third party settlements to claimants.
Jun. 4 Accident and Health Insurance
SUMMARY: Federal Balanced Budget Act of 1997 and Proposed '98 Medicare Supplement Changes
May 29 Accident and Health Insurance
SUMMARY: 1998 House substitute for Senate Bill 439
May 12 Fire and Casualty
SUMMARY: Mobile Home Insurance Survey
Apr. 23 Workers Compensation
RE: Self-employed Subcontractors, 1998 House Bill 2591
Apr. 8 Accident and Health
SUMMARY: Medicare Supplement Sales to Persons Under Age 65
Feb. 12 Accident and Health
RE: Mental Health Issues under Mental Health Parity Act of 1996
Feb. 12 Accident and Health
RE: Agent Sales Practices for Health Insurance
Jan. 13 File and Use, Small Business Packages
RE: File and use law - clarifications and definitions
Jan. 5 Worker's Compensation
RE: Informational and Educational Workers Compensation Materials
SUMMARY: New informational brochures are now available explaining the recent changes in the Worker's Comp laws. Companies are required to use these new brochures.
1997 Bulletins
Dec. 18 Small Group Health Plans
RE: Purchase of Life Insurance in Conjunction With Health Insurance Coverage
SUMMARY: Small group insurers may not require the purchase of life insurance in conjunction with health insurance coverage.
Nov. 26 Mental Health Parity
RE: Mental Health Parity for Large Employer Groups
SUMMARY: This bulletin gives information about Mental Health requirements outlined in HIPAA for large employer groups.
Sep. 19 Workers Compensation
RE: 1997 House Bill 2011, Self-employed subcontractors.
SUMMARY: Bulletin 10A revises information in bulletin 10. Director of Worker's Compensation revised his interpretation of this new bill. This bulletin reviews new interpretation
Sep. 16 1997 Senate Bill 204
RE: Senate Bill 204
SUMMARY: This bulletin responds to inquiries from the insurance industry about 1997 Senate Bill 204. This bill deals with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) and the Patient Protection Act.
Aug. 26 Long Term Care Insurance
RE: Long Term Care Insurance/Consumer Brochure
SUMMARY: Insurance companies may give consumers a copy of the Kansas Long Term Care Insurance Shopper's Guide instead of the NAIC shopper's guide and still comply with state law.
Jul. 2 Renewability of Individual Health Policies
RE: Renewability of individual hospital, medical, surgical expense coverage as defined by 1997 Ks. Senat
SUMMARY: Bulletin outlines the renewability requirements for these policies. One important provision is that becoming eligible for Medicare is no longer a valid reason for terminating an individual hospital, medical, surgical expense policy
Jul. 1 Unfair Claim Settlement Practices
RE: Unfair claim settlement Practice K.S.A. 40-2404(9)(f)
SUMMARY: PIP insurers are advised that the practice of requiring a claimant to pay the amount of their PIP lien as a precondition to endorsing a liability settlement check will be considered an unfair claims settlement practice.
Jun. 30 Workers Compensation
RE: 1997 House Bill 2011, Self-employed subcontractors
SUMMARY: Bulletin reminds companies that self-employed subcontractors doing work for a contractor are subject to the Workers Compensation Act.
Jun. 27 Patient Protection Act
RE: Patient Protection Act, Section 16-23 of 1997 Ks. Senate Bill 204
SUMMARY: Bulletin reviews important provisions of the Act which was effective July 1, l997.
Jun. 25 Stop Loss Insurance
RE: Affects of Senate Bill 204 on Stop Loss Insurance
SUMMARY: Bulletin clarifies provisions which now apply to stop loss or excess insurance written in Kansas.
Jun. 12 Agent Licensing Fees
RE: 1997 Agent Licensing legislation
SUMMARY: Retaliatory fees no longer apply. Non-resident agents fees were increased.
May 9 Immunizations
RE: Immunization, HB 2137.
SUMMARY: New legislation (HB 2137) requires immunizations to be covered in all individual and group contracts or by a health maintenance organization, which provides coverage for a family member of the enrollee, insured or subscriber.
Apr. 8 High Deductible Plans and Medical Savings Accounts
RE: Kansas high deductible, comprehensive health insurance policies used with Medical Savings Accounts.
Mar. 25 Class Action Lawsuit Notification
RE: Class Action Lawsuit Notification Required
SUMMARY: Notice of all current and future class action lawsuits needs to be filed with the Kansas Insurance Department. Failure to comply may result in a penalty as defined in K.S.A. 40-226.
Mar. 11 Pharmacy Network Notification Requirements
RE: Reporting requirements for new pharmacy network
SUMMARY: This bulletin provides information and clarification to assist accident and health companies who are required to notify the Insurance Department of their intent to create a pharmacy network under Kansas statute K.S.A. 1994 Supp.40-2,153(a). Failure to com
Feb. 28 Motor Vehicle Prevention Course Discounts
RE: Application of Discounts for the Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course Discount
SUMMARY: Statute K.S.A. 40-1112a states that the discount applies to a motor vehicle insurance policy, not the person who buys the policy. If a person owns more than one policy, he/she may be eligible for more than one discount.
1996 Bulletins
Feb. 2 Bulletin 1996-2
RE: Revision to Regulation KAR 40-4-37 et seq; long term care
SUMMARY: Revisions to KAR 40-4-37 et seq. resulting from the passage of 1995 Kansas Senate Bill No. 8, as codified in KSA 1995 Supp. 39-923 et seq. which became effective July 1, 1995.
1995 Bulletins
Dec. 8 Bulletin 1995-22
RE: Retained Asset Accounts as settlement option for death benefit
SUMMARY: Requires insurers to clearly disclose that beneficiary is entitled to a lump sum settlement of the entire proceeds at any time.
Nov. 21 Bulletin 1995-21
RE: “Business of Insurance” defined
SUMMARY: To define “Business of Insurance” to enterprises resembling insurance as it is not defined in Kansas Insurance Code.
Nov. 6 Bulletin 1995-19
RE: Credit Card Payment for insurance premium
SUMMARY: Notification that insurance companies may accept payment through use of credit or bank cards.
1993 Bulletins
Aug. 19 Bulletin 1993-21
RE: Changes in the Approval of Assumption Certificates
SUMMARY: Security Benefit Life Insurance Company v. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – Court held that an assumption reinsurance agreement is not effective to relieve the ceding insurer of liability absent evidence that insured assented.
1991 Bulletins
Jan. 15 Bulletin 1991-4
RE: Use of Associations, Advertising Agencies, General Agents and Other Related Entities in the Marketing of Insurance
SUMMARY: To remind all insurers authorized to transact life and/or health insurance in this state of advertising regulations.
1987 Bulletins
May 1 Bulletin 1987-8
RE: Single Premium Deferred Annuity Disclosure Form
SUMMARY: To disseminate the disclosure form required by K.A.R. 40-2-14.
Apr. 22 Bulletin 1987-10
RE: Disclosure of Surrender & Expense Charges to Interest Sensitive Products
SUMMARY: To advise life insurance companies that inadequate disclosure practices may constitute violations of Kansas statutes and regulations.
Apr. 7 Bulletin 1987-6
RE: Use of Certain Types of Lead Cards
SUMMARY: To advise insurance companies that use of lead cards may constitute violation of Kansas law.
1983 Bulletins
Oct. 4 Bulletin 1983-19
RE: Thomas v. American Family Mutual Insurance Company
SUMMARY: To advise of a Kansas Supreme Court case which significantly affects claim settlements based upon the use of “actual cash value" in fire and casualty policies written in this state.