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1997 Bulletins
Dec. 18 Small Group Health Plans
RE: Purchase of Life Insurance in Conjunction With Health Insurance Coverage
SUMMARY: Small group insurers may not require the purchase of life insurance in conjunction with health insurance coverage.
Nov. 26 Mental Health Parity
RE: Mental Health Parity for Large Employer Groups
SUMMARY: This bulletin gives information about Mental Health requirements outlined in HIPAA for large employer groups.
Sep. 19 Workers Compensation
RE: 1997 House Bill 2011, Self-employed subcontractors.
SUMMARY: Bulletin 10A revises information in bulletin 10. Director of Worker's Compensation revised his interpretation of this new bill. This bulletin reviews new interpretation
Sep. 16 1997 Senate Bill 204
RE: Senate Bill 204
SUMMARY: This bulletin responds to inquiries from the insurance industry about 1997 Senate Bill 204. This bill deals with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) and the Patient Protection Act.
Aug. 26 Long Term Care Insurance
RE: Long Term Care Insurance/Consumer Brochure
SUMMARY: Insurance companies may give consumers a copy of the Kansas Long Term Care Insurance Shopper's Guide instead of the NAIC shopper's guide and still comply with state law.
Jul. 2 Renewability of Individual Health Policies
RE: Renewability of individual hospital, medical, surgical expense coverage as defined by 1997 Ks. Senat
SUMMARY: Bulletin outlines the renewability requirements for these policies. One important provision is that becoming eligible for Medicare is no longer a valid reason for terminating an individual hospital, medical, surgical expense policy
Jul. 1 Unfair Claim Settlement Practices
RE: Unfair claim settlement Practice K.S.A. 40-2404(9)(f)
SUMMARY: PIP insurers are advised that the practice of requiring a claimant to pay the amount of their PIP lien as a precondition to endorsing a liability settlement check will be considered an unfair claims settlement practice.
Jun. 30 Workers Compensation
RE: 1997 House Bill 2011, Self-employed subcontractors
SUMMARY: Bulletin reminds companies that self-employed subcontractors doing work for a contractor are subject to the Workers Compensation Act.
Jun. 27 Patient Protection Act
RE: Patient Protection Act, Section 16-23 of 1997 Ks. Senate Bill 204
SUMMARY: Bulletin reviews important provisions of the Act which was effective July 1, l997.
Jun. 25 Stop Loss Insurance
RE: Affects of Senate Bill 204 on Stop Loss Insurance
SUMMARY: Bulletin clarifies provisions which now apply to stop loss or excess insurance written in Kansas.
Jun. 12 Agent Licensing Fees
RE: 1997 Agent Licensing legislation
SUMMARY: Retaliatory fees no longer apply. Non-resident agents fees were increased.
May 9 Immunizations
RE: Immunization, HB 2137.
SUMMARY: New legislation (HB 2137) requires immunizations to be covered in all individual and group contracts or by a health maintenance organization, which provides coverage for a family member of the enrollee, insured or subscriber.
Apr. 8 High Deductible Plans and Medical Savings Accounts
RE: Kansas high deductible, comprehensive health insurance policies used with Medical Savings Accounts.
Mar. 25 Class Action Lawsuit Notification
RE: Class Action Lawsuit Notification Required
SUMMARY: Notice of all current and future class action lawsuits needs to be filed with the Kansas Insurance Department. Failure to comply may result in a penalty as defined in K.S.A. 40-226.
Mar. 11 Pharmacy Network Notification Requirements
RE: Reporting requirements for new pharmacy network
SUMMARY: This bulletin provides information and clarification to assist accident and health companies who are required to notify the Insurance Department of their intent to create a pharmacy network under Kansas statute K.S.A. 1994 Supp.40-2,153(a). Failure to com
Feb. 28 Motor Vehicle Prevention Course Discounts
RE: Application of Discounts for the Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course Discount
SUMMARY: Statute K.S.A. 40-1112a states that the discount applies to a motor vehicle insurance policy, not the person who buys the policy. If a person owns more than one policy, he/she may be eligible for more than one discount.